Welcome to the WCFFES!

The mission of the WCFFES is to celebrate the history and achievements of the Irish in the American Fire Services, while helping its members to become more connected with their roots through education, social events and genealogical research assistance. We welcome anyone with an interest in the history of the Fire Service or those who have an interest in strengthening the bonds between Ireland and Irish America. You don't have to be Irish or a Firefighter to join. We have members from all walks of life, with uniformed and civilian divisions.

The WCFFES offers unique cultural, social and educational opportunities to its membership. Throughout the year, we encourage our membership to take an active role in participating in charitable events for the community, marching in parades and attending a host of Irish events throughout New England. The WCFFES plays a dual role in the community, both of which are of equal importance. With our Irish ancestors playing such a pivotal role in the organization of the Fire Service in America, we refuse to let their history, traditions and ideals fade away. We celebrate their strong will to provide a service to their community against all adversity. On the other side, we are one of very few organizations in Central Massachusetts that assists Irish Americans with discovering more of their roots and actually connecting them with the "Old Sod".